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buildingThe Adapteeng-Clima is a Plug & Play system that automatically guides the users to consume more when energy is cheap or free and consume less when energy is expensive by making sure that their preferences, needs and comfort are satisfied.

The Platform:

The Adapteeng-Clima covers the whole range of potential customers from customers whose premises are equipped with advanced smart metering systems and/or advanced systems for monitoring and controlling the electrical energy consuming devices down to customers whose premises are equiped with just a “cheap” smart meter and a connection to the internet.

Energy bill reductions range from 20% (for poorly insulated buildings) up to 50-80% (for very well insulated and designed building).

The main economic benefit from Adapteeng-Clima product for the building users is the significant reduction of energy consumption for heating/cooling in the range of 20-50%. This is equivalent to average annual energy savings of 20-50 kWh/m2, which can be translated into annual savings of 4.42-11.02€/m2, while the customer costs for purchasing and operating the ADAPTEENG-CLIMA product are:

  • around 100€ initial investment plus 25€/year/climating device, if the building has already a Building Automation system.
  • around 200€+50€/climating device initial investment plus 25€/year/climating device, if the building does not have a Building Automation system.

For an average European household, the expected savings in energy bills will vary between 300-800€/year and thus the payback period is expected to be 3 to 6 months if the building is equipped with a Building Automation system and 6 to 12 months if not.

Adapteeng-Clima calculates the optimal operating conditions of the electric devices.
It notices a potential peak load and directs the energy management system for cutting functionality without intruding the end-user comfort.
Allows cutting off such loads that do not necessarily affect the wellbeing of the end-user or limit their occupancy.
Adapteeng-Clima will take full control and implement automatically recommendations.


  • Adapteeng-Clima
  • Smart meter/watt meter
  • Weather website access
  • Internet connection

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