L4G speed recommendation tool

Within Local4Global project’s framework the Coordinated Vehicles test case was considered. The real-life demonstrations for this specific test case took place during November and December of 2016 at B13 Federal Road, North Munich. The scope of the demos was to test and verify the speed recommendation module, enhanced with locally driven self-learning and smart-deciding capabilities.


ADAPTEENG-CLIMA: The Local4Global Distributed Building Energy Management Tool

The ADAPTEENG-CLIMA Building Energy Management Tool has been developed within the Local4Global EU-FP7 project. It is capable to guide the users to consume energy in a delicate manner by utlizing cheap of free energy sources, preserving at the same time that operational and comfort user-preferences and needs are satisfied. Based on the available consumer/user infrastructure


Local4Global i-MOVE: Distributed Smart Mobility Tool

Everyday’s drivers can be greatly assisted so as to achieve significant fuel consumption/travel time savings without the requirement of additional hardware, sensor, or any other component installation, within the driver’s vehicle. All L4G Mobility Tool requires is a GPS-navigator/Smart phone that will be interfaced with the respective application software, which will run either on the


Local4Global: The project

Within Local4Global we take the view that if the powerful attributes of Natural SoS (NSoS) were possible to be transferred and embedded into Technical SoS (TSoS), this would lead not only to more effective and efficient TSoS operations but, most importantly, it would lead to TSoS that are significantly easier, safer and more reliable and