L4G Mobility tool

The L4G Mobility Tool expands the capabilities of existing navigation systems, offering significant economic and time savings, in the order of 20% and above. There are no extra manufacturing costs for vehicles (i.e sensors) than the GPS-navigator.

How it works

traffic4An interface-able standard GPS-navigator allows the driver to enter data. Real-time information regarding the weather conditions is received from the internet (or, alternatively, connection to vehicle weather-related sensors- in case they are available). The driver enters the number of petrol litters whenever she/he fill the vehicle with petrol. Then, the Vehicle Speed Control App combines it with the data of the GPS-navigator and the information regarding the current weather conditions and provides to the drivers speed profiling commands that assist them to significantly reduce the fuel consumption and travel times.

Reduce your fuel consumption & travel times by 20%.

traffic5At the same time, the speed command module learns the optimal way of controlling the speed for the particular driver given the road geometrical and weather conditions. At the end of the day the ammount of fuel consumption is reported to the driver.

L4G solution for Traffic control applies cloud computing capabilities to reduce the cost of buying additional dedicated traffic management platforms, furthermore it integrates all the data coming from the different monitoring technologies so as to calculate and provide real time information and strategies.

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