Local4Global: The project

Within Local4Global we take the view that if the powerful attributes of Natural SoS (NSoS) were possible to be transferred and embedded into Technical SoS (TSoS), this would lead not only to more effective and efficient TSoS operations but, most importantly, it would lead to TSoS that are significantly easier, safer and more reliable and economical to design, deploy, operate, monitor and re-configure. This is actually the main objective of Local4Global:

“to develop, test and evaluate a new groundbreaking, generic and fully-functional methodology/system for controlling TSoS where – as in the NSoS case – autonomous constituent systems reacting and interacting depending only on their local environment, optimize the emerging TSoS performance at the global level.”

As in the case of NSoS, where the lack of complete and global information is “compensated” by the learning, evolution and self-organizing attributes of the constituent systems, Local4Global aims to equip the TSoS constituent systems’ control mechanisms with powerful learning, evolution and self-organizing characteristics capable of leading to (near-)optimal emerging overall TSoS performance.

“Local4Global is not just another system that can handle complicated, large-scale systems. Local4Global’s ambition is to be a system that can be embedded in every day operations, produce substantial savings and Quality-of-Service improvements with the requirement of using the minimum possible infrastructure and minimum installation effort.

“The Local4Global advances will lead to a fully-functional and ready-to-use system (Local4Global final product) – delivered in the form of an embedded, web-based, “plug-and-play” software system for generic TSoS, mountable locally to each constituent system of the TSoS. This system will be deployed and extensively tested and evaluated in 2 real-life TSoS Use Cases, a Traffic TSoS Use Case and an Efficient Building TSoS Use Case.

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