Pilot Sites

Testing Local4Global solutions in 2 pilot sites

Local4Global solutions will be implemented and evaluated in two large-scale systems representing traffic control (Munich, Germany) and energy management (E.ON ERC building, RWTH Aachen University).
Validation will assess the impact and reveal the capabilities of Local4Global to be a system that can be embedded in every day operations, produce substantial savings and Quality-of-Service improvements with the requirement of using the minimum possible infrastructure and minimum installation effort.

Cooperative Traffic TSoS Use Case

A test bed in the north of Munich, Germany was defined in order to introduce the Local4Global Traffic Use Case into practice. The road section of the arterial road B 13 between the highway junction Unterschleissheim in the north and the junction of the federal roads B 13 and B 471 in the south has two lanes per driving direction and consists of seven signalized intersections.

Building TSoS Use Case

The methodology will be implemented and evaluated at the E.ON ERC main building of RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, which is a non-residential building and every-day-used as a university building. The building contains offices, conference rooms, CIP-pools, laboratories etc. that are equipped with different systems for controlling the room climate. The energy supply system is designed for a maximum of efficiency using several techniques for cooling, heating and power generation as well as to maximize the integration of renewable energy from a set of energy suppliers like geothermal fields, photovoltaics and a gas-fired CHP and condensing boilers. The entire energy system represents an efficient but complex TSoS that requires an optimal control strategy to exploit the energy saving potential to the full.

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